The Sacrament of Closure

by Felt Hat

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released May 21, 2016

All songs by Felt Hat
Vocals on Tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, and 11 by Rachael Keels
Vocals on Tracks 2, 3, and 6 by Ellen Walsh
Banjo on Track 6 by Rory McGuinness



all rights reserved


Soggy Productions Los Angeles, California

Danny Ennis
Andrew Fleming
Matt Kriete

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Track Name: Spider-Man 2
you sent me a letter
telling me it was over
it was the first letter i’d ever received
and i thought what the heck
how’d you get my address
did seeing spider-man 2 mean nothing to you
did thinking of you mean nothing
i know i never told you
but i spent lots of time imagining telling you
i guess that’s not enough anymore
Track Name: Making Out
do you remember that time we were making out
you lost your gum inside my mouth
and we’re pretending we weren’t making out
late at night on Elena’s couch

would you tell me if you need me
i can be there late tonight
i can take the night off early
i can be there late tonight

probably shouldn’t go to san francisco
but i’ll see you in san francisco

now you’re fast asleep at your cousin’s house
we said our goodbyes and you locked me out
wish i could think of somebody else
can’t decide how much i hate myself

why’d you tell me that you need me
it’s not like how i need you
and i’m doing it to myself
it’s not like i’m blaming you

probably shouldn’t go to san francisco
but i’ll see you in san francisco

you called me up last night
after you booked your flight
just fly here next time
i know you’re not that close with your cousin
Track Name: Shark
Everybody says I'm a shark
But I say don't go provoking
Things with teeth enough
To bite your head off

Now I'm here
Please don't blame me for
Losing your head
In so many pieces

Now I guess we die
Now I guess we're dead

Now I'm here
Please don't blame me for
Losing your head
In so many pieces

Now it's passed
I guess there's blood everywhere
From your head
When it emptied out
Track Name: Doo Doo [Doo Doo (Doo Doo Doo Doo)]
Everybody tells you that you always like the same girls they like
Anthropology bob cuts and crop tops
And you only listen to pop songs like

Doo doo

Don't you ever wish you could find somebody
Invite them over to play recorder
Teach them how to play songs on recorder
So those songs will go like this

Doo doo

Take her to a metal show where the punk rock bands
Play heavy songs to dance to
Wearing all black clothes you feel like you're out of place
But then the songs kick in and you dance too

Doo doo
Track Name: Almost Told You
When we looked at christmas trees
The scent reminded you of believing in something
And you missed it so I changed the subject
And we stayed past closing
So we could kiss in the artificial snow
You said I romanticized it
because I always see it on vacation
And I romanticized you
Because I only see you sometimes

I almost told you
Track Name: Bad for You
Bad for you
And there was the night
falling asleep
sobering up on my parents couch
I woke up and realized
You're bad for me
and I don't need you
shouldn't take it seriously
and plan my life around it

and that night
is the only night
I felt that way

but I know
for a few minutes
I felt that way

and even though
I don't remember
what it was I figured out
I know that once I had it figured out
so when it hurts me
when I miss you
like I used to
I remember I figured it out
Track Name: Davey Babey
we used to take the train downtown
from the universal city station
learning bout the mexican american war on the walls while we waited

I hate that we don’t talk enough
I hate that I miss you so much
And I don’t wanna have to think about it

then we’re waiting in line for davey wayne’s talking about you
and on the train ride going to davey wayne’s we’re talking about you
and on the train ride home from davey wayne’s we’re talking about you
and at davey wayne’s we talk to girls with glasses who look like you

[i only want you ‘cause there’s nobody else
and i don’t wanna have to think about it]
Track Name: Alligator
a black alligator lives under the dock
and it’s been sedated so it won’t do me wrong
the yard slopes down slowly, the grass meets the creek
and when i get closer my feet start to sink

why draw it green when it’s totally black
i keep complaining that it’s all i had
fish in retention ponds murky with teak
and when i get closer my feet start to sink

and I’m barely floating to learn how to ski
but i was too scared of what swam underneath
they turned into beaches destroyed by the reeds
and when I get closer I try not to think

an old helicopter lands in the street
blowing us down and destroying the reeds
we go for a ride to escape from the heat
and in a few minutes it’s under the creek
Track Name: One for the Youth Group
if it were a real confession
i’d keep it between you and me
do you still want it
are you glorified
am i even trying

when the man in church saw me saved
from the fires of hell
he turned me calvinist straight away
i know how it ends
why bother till then

is the line about storing your treasures true
it must be biblical
i’ll come in broke
sleeping on the golden streets
i hear you’re in a recession
i hear you need us
i haven’t been listening
i’m not ready
Track Name: Tracks in Peace (T.I.P.)
In the moment all the conversations
Echo in the different chambers
Channel out all the negatives
See if there's a way to get away

Everybody only looks at
People who look back
Nobody takes a second to breathe
Catching up with all your threads
It takes a hundred years
It takes a hundred years to even breathe

Track something
so you don't
lose your mind

Keep a place
To feel safe
Away from harm
In the dark

Keep a running
tally of
Whatever keeps you
Moving on

Remember when
we left town
for a new town
A new town

Don’t know what it means
For you and for me
Our sorry outfit
Feeling unimpressed
And I have to bet
There’s hope for me yet
something Linear
Can’t help me

Now i’m sorry
I don’t mean it
Always playing with your feelings
Sort of empty
Kind of greedy
I want everyone to need me
You don’t wanna hear about it
But I wanna talk about it